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Build Block selects and recommends properties based on the vast customer data collected

Residential properties

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    Commercial properties

    • For Sale | Commercial | Land
      Members Only
      SEC FM 973 & CR 404Taylor, TX
    • For Sale | Commercial | Land
      Members Only
      1100 County Road 404,Taylor, TX 76574
    • For Sale | Commercial | Land
      $ 80,000,000
      1502 Steeds Crossing, Pflugerville,TX 78660, USA
    • For Sale | Commercial | Apartment
      $ 49,000,000$617,647 / Unit
      4055 Oakwood Ave,Los Angeles, CA 90004
      56,000 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Office
      $ 38,000,000$328.95 / SF
      249 E Ocean Blvd,Long Beach, CA 90802
      115,521 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Storefront Retail
      $ 36,000,000$620.47 / SF
      18716-18742 E Colima Rd,Rowland Heights, CA 91748
      58,021 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Warehouse
      $ 16,500,000$517.00 / SF
      10755 Venice Blvd,Los Angeles, CA 90034
      31,915 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Retail Supermarket
      $ 15,662,071$1,603 / SF
      16330 Crossbay Blvd,Howard Beach, NY 11414
      9,767 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Retail Chase Bank
      $ 12,328,000$4,106.60 / SF
      1295 Madison Ave,New York, NY 10128
      3,002 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Hotel
      $ 12,000,000$81,081 / Room
      50 Kenny Pl,Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
      97,000 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Retail
      $ 9,000,000$2.6K / SF
      20001 Brookhurst St - Chase Bank,Los Angeles, CA 92646
      3,400 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Warehouse
      $ 4,400,000$394.69 / SF
      13625 S Gramercy Pl,Los Angeles, CA 90249
      11,148 SF
    • For Sale | Commercial | Warehouse
      $ 4,000,000$697.00 / SF
      2103-2127 Bellevue Ave,Los Angeles, CA 90026
      5,742 SF

    Differentiated Services

    Build Block is the right service for you

    In addition to buying and selling homes, Build Block offers investment services (both short-term and long-term), as well as corporate solutions to help Korean companies launch in the US market

    • Buying and selling homes

      If you are searching for a home in the US because you're moving for relocation, job, or studying

    • Investment

      If you are looking to invest in the US real estate market for a stable monthly income or future asset appreciation opportunities

    • Business expansion to the US

      If you are a corporation looking to expand to the US market

    Total Solution

    Together from start to finish

    From the very beginning of searching for a property to securing loans, construction, and management, Build Block will be with you every step of the way.


    Transparent Service

    Transparency in our process

    You can view every step of your investment process with your own eyes. Leverage our technology to monitor your property thousands of miles away. Start managing your property with Build Block's own solution!

    Service Areas

    We continue to expand our service areas

    Los Angeles · Irvine · San Francisco · Hawaii · Austin · New York · New Jersey · Manhattan

    Trustworthy Partners

    Build Block is working closely with various institutions based on mutual trust and confidence.

      Customer Reviews

      Customer's Choice, Satisfying Results

      Here are actual reviews from customers who have used Build Block solutions.

      Mr. Kim

      Reached 23% of annual return rate in 10 months through short-term investment

      "It was difficult to visit U.S. in person due to COVID-19. It was very convenient that Build Block covered all the process from construction to wire transfer."

      Springvale project, Los Angeles


      Earned 5.6% of annual return in monthly rent through long-term investment

      "It feels like I have a reliable guide in investing US real estate with Build Block!"

      Belmont Project, Los Angeles


      Purchased 1Bed 1Bath LA Condo through brokerage service

      "I was concerned about my daugther's housing for her studies in LA, but Build Block helped me find a perfect home!"

      Metropolis apartment, Los Angeles


      Purchased 1Bed 1Bath NY Manhattan Condo through brokerage service

      "I was impressed how Build Block found the right home that checked off everything I required, including location, school zone, and amenities!"

      Condominium, New York


      Earns $5,000+ in monthly rent through long-term investment

      "I was looking for a stable monthly income source and Build Block found the perfect property for me in Gramercy Park!"

      Condominium, New York

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