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Brokerage・Investment Service

Right strategy for everyone

Build Block provides systematic services that covers from brokerage to investment. If you are curious about the strategy that fits best for you, contact us.

  • Buying and selling homes

    If you are searching for a home in the US because you're moving for relocation, job, or studying

  • Investment

    If you are looking to invest in the US real estate market for a stable monthly income or future asset appreciation opportunities

  • Business expansion to the US

    If you are a corporation looking to expand to the US market

Our Service

Methods that simplify complex US real estate

Only 3 required steps for clients!

  • Choose Real Estate
  • Wire Transfer
  • Repatriate investment

Let us solve the complex steps

  • Property Check
  • Financial Structure Consulting
  • Open an LLC
  • File tax reports
  • Purchase Real Estate
  • Annual Performance Report
  • Construction Management
  • Sell Real Estate
  • File post-investment report
  • Open bank account
  • LLC liquidation / Reinvestment
  • Tenant Management

Management Service

Transparent management through technology

Build Block Management Services in a glance

We manage all the real estate and documents transparently with technical solutions when purchasing or investing in US real estate.

Everything with Tech

View all investment progress and related documentation through Investment Solution. Check tenant status to monthly cashflow through Management Solution. The technical solutions provided by Build Block are available anywhere on any device.

Frequently asked questions

    Solve all your questions!