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  • Vacant Land
  • Residential use
7237 Sunnydip Trl,
Los Angeles, CA, 90068

Buildblock Score 10.0 Score

Purchase Price

660,000 (약 8.4 억원)

Expected Selling Price

2,600,000 (약 33 억원)





Property Size

2,237 sqft (62평)

Buildl Block investment strategy



It's located on the hillside had a good view to build a new house. it takes lots of time to build but we can expect high return.

Property Type

Unimproved lot





Built in


Property Size

2,237 sqft (62평)

Land Size

7,534 sqft (211 평)







Hollywood Dell

Situated west of Hollywood Hills, the neighborhood enjoys a beautiful view due to its higher altitudes. Due to its tranquility and guaranteed privacy, this residential neighborhood is known for luxurious mansions.

Southeast of Santa Monica Mountains

Located southeast of Santa Monica Mountains, Hollywood Dell used to be a part of Whitley Heights until the construction of 101. As the name suggests, the entire neighborhood is located on the hills, which allows the residents to fully enjoy the view of the LA and canyons. The area is situated right above the most popular tourist destionations, Hollywood.

Superb View

The neighborhood's beautiful view made it a very popular movie filming site. In fact, the movie "LALA Land" was filmed right here at Mulholland Drive. Many famous celebrities, such as Charlie Chaplin, the Rolling Stones, Chris Brown, and Jack Nicholson used to live or still live in the area.

Traditionally Affluent Neighborhood

First formed in the 1920s, the area was traditionally known as the area for the wealthy. As the area consists of many high-end mansions, the median home prices and home ownership rate is higher than other neighborhoods.

Convenient Transportation

101 Freeway located near the area is one of the most frequently used roads for commuting for residents living in the north of LA. The biggest advantage of the freeway is that as it is connected to other major roads such as 110 and 5, it allows you to reach LA Downtown or other major city stops easily.

School Name Rating
Grades : K-6 Valley View Elementary School 8 / 10
Grades : 6-8 Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School 3 / 10
Grades : 9-12 Hollywood Senior High School 6 / 10

Properties near 7237 Sunnydip Trl
Neighborhood property
3343 Adina Dr
0.34 mi
(약 31.7 억원)
(June 8, 2021 Sold)
2,500 sqft
(70 평)
3 Beds / 2 Baths
10,790 sqft
(303 평)
Neighborhood property
7275 Mulholland Dr
0.22 mi
(약 36.5 억원)
(April 13, 2021 Sold)
2,135 sqft
(59 평)
2 Beds / 3 Baths
6,873 sqft
(193 평)
Neighborhood property
2715 La Cuesta Dr
0.44 mi
(약 29.2 억원)
(Jan. 5, 2021 Sold)
2,436 sqft
(68 평)
3 Beds / 3 Baths
7,095 sqft
(199 평)

Estimated Selling Price : 2,600,000

Date Event Price
2021-09-28 Sold 450,000
2020-02-11 Sold 432,000
2005-08-03 Sold 160,000

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