Three Building Goals

Building Opportunities
of Foreign Real Estate Investment

BuildBlock solves the challenges of cross-border investment and opens door to individuals to reap the benefits of international investments.

Aspiring to be the center of global investment, BuildBlock will move beyond an investment channel that bridges Korean and the United States by bringing innovation to the global real estate market.

Building Trust
with Clients

9,576km is the distance between Seoul and Los Angeles.
We will build trust with our clients as we accompany the challenging journey of international real estate investment. In addition to the local expertise, Build Block’s goal is to communicate transparently with our clients by leveraging various financial technologies such as AI.

Building Directly
with BuildBlock

BuildBlock will directly manage our clients’ properties.
We are more than just connecting US real estate brokers and Korean clients; we are in direct charge of the entire process, ranging from finding the right properties to the tenant management.

In addition, BuildBlock Team consists of licensed experts and a vast contractor network to build or remodel the local properties. Clients can trust BuildBlock when it comes to executing more aggressive strategies such as FLIP and ADU.