California 투자완료

[Long-term] Belmont Ave, LA


850,000 (9.8억 원)

[Long-term Investment]

Type : Multiple Occupancy (4 Units)

Net Area : 2,600 sqft

Lot : 5,946 sqft

Room : 4 beds 4 baths >> 9 beds 7 baths

Rent : $2,800 >> $9,500

Year Built : 1895

Parking : 13


The plan is to split the three two-floor units into four units to maximize rental income. The outside of the building is severely damaged, which required the replacement of almost everything. Piping and walls were installed to add one more additional unit. The big parking lot in the backyard allows each unit to park a car. The building is located close to Disney Theater and Broad Museum, as well as campus. It will be able to accommodate the needs of people from all backgrounds.

[Long-term] Belmont Ave, LA