Start Investment

Through a detailed consultation, BuildBlock analyzes the client’s investment preferences to draft a customized investment strategy. The investment commences with the BuildBlock Service Agreement.
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Open LLC and
Wire Money

The client will start a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in the state where the property is located. Once LLC is established, the client can now open a US bank account under the LLC’s name. Once the client files Foreign Direct Investment Report in Korea, he or she can wire the money internationally to the LLC account.


Purchase Property

Once the client finalizes the property, he or she will submit an offer to the property. If the seller accepts the offer, an escrow account will open. Once the title is acquired, the purchase is finalized.



The local Build Block Asset Team will directly oversee the remodelling or lease of the property. Depending on the strategy, Build Block may execute FLIP or ADU construction or rent out to tenants.

Thanks to Build Block’s periodical facility review and construction report, investors in Korea may access the property thousands of miles away.


Sell Investment

Once Build Block and the client agree on the optimal time to sell the property, BuildBlock will list the property online. BuildBlock will host in-person visits and open houses, accept different offers to select the highest priced offers.
Once finalized, BuildBlock will open a seller’s escrow account.

Just like the purchase process, once the contract is finalized and the remaining money is paid, the title will be transferred to the new owner.


Share Dividend

BuildBlock will divide the profit with the client based on the agreed terms and draft Investment Closing Report. Upon closing, BuildBlock will guide you through the remaining paperwork that the client must submit to the Korean banks, such as Annual Business Report and Foreign Securities Acquisition Post-Investment Report. If requested, BuildBlock will also guide the client on filing taxes to IRS.

Clients who wish to reinvest or increase their investment may be able to do so using the LLC he or she opened in the beginning.