Soon, People will be Able to Invest in US Real Estate Directly

Seoul Daily Newspaper Oct. 31, 2021


"Just a few years ago, people did not know if investing in Google or Apple was a good idea. Not many knew how to buy or sell international stocks. But everything's different now. Even college students are able to trade international stocks. We think the same thing will happen to real estate. Soon, people will be able to buy US real estate 'directly.'"

Just 10 years ago, international stocks were "beyond reach" traded among only the rich people in Korea. However, today, anyone can invest in stocks. Would the same logic apply to real estate?

Build Block Inc's CEO, Jimmy Jung, believes that it will happen very soon. Once international investment becomes very common, people can maximize the opportunity to diversify their portfolio risks. In addition, the advancement in IT lowered accessibility. Recent poor performances of the private funds in commercial real estate also played a role.