Buildblock Launches Official Service for US Real Estate Investment Platform

The Korea Economic Daily March 23, 2020


Build Block Inc., a real estate investment platform that aids Korean investors to invest in the US, launched its full service after successfully hosting six sessions on "2019 US Real Estate Investment Seminar."

Build Block is a service that acts as a pipeline that connects US real estate and Korean investors. It obtains properties that tailor to each investor's preferences, introduces them to potential investors, and supports complex paperwork that follows from cross-border transactions. Its "Investment Solution" provides users an overview of rent management, communication with tenants, and cash flow. Build Block announced that its ultimate goal is to make sure that Koreans can invest in overseas real estate as easily as they invest in Korean properties.

The interest in the service is extremely high. The recent seminar had approximately 350 participants, which far exceeded the initial goal of 250. Many of them actually signed the deal. Jimmy Jung, the CEO of Build Block, said that "the demand in the US real estate has always been high and will be high."