California ACTIVE

Loy Ln, LA


820,000 (9.4억 원)

Type : Single Family

Net Area : 1,694 sqft (Main Unit: 1,294 / ADU: 400)

Lot : 5,264 sqft

Room : 3 beds 2 baths

Year Built : 1923

Parking : 2


The current property is located in Eagle Rock, an area concentrated with luxurious mansions. The house, once renovated, will likely enjoy similar appreciation in value. In addition, there are good parks and tracking courses at close proximity, making it a very popular residential area. It is also located very close to central LA, such as Downtown LA and Koreatown.

The property’s condition is quite good, which means the construction period can be shortened. The garage will be converted into a living space for a bigger floor area.

Loy Ln, LA