California COMPLETE

Glenalbyn Dr, LA


800,000 (9.2억 원)


1,410,000 (16.2억 원)

Type : Single House

Net Area : 2,156 sqft

Lot : 8,833 sqft

Room : 4 beds 2 baths >> 3 beds 4 baths

Year Built : 1905

Parking : 4


The property is located 10 minutes from Downtown LA by driving. This beautiful home has amazing, unobstructed panoramic views which include Downtown LA. The property is very spacious with a garage on the first floor, shared space on the second floor, and residential space on the third floor. The house now has 3 bedrooms (from the previous 4 bedrooms), but the number of bathrooms increased from 2 to 4. The beautiful greenery along with the private terrace at the back would make this mansion a luxurious mansion.

Glenalbyn Dr, LA