BuildBlock aspires
to be the hub of global real estate.

We are on our way to make a world where individuals can safely and easily make cross-border real estate investments. We are a team of top-tier global real estate, architecture, and tech experts to shorten the market growth.

Our goal is simple.
Annual growth of 300 percent. We are looking for new talents who will be pioneering the journey to success with us. The company will support in every way to encourage the growth of our team and the company.

We are looking for talents
with the following characteristics

The company’s growth means
your growth

We are creating a business that never existed before. Our business would encompass different keywords, such as global, real estate, architecture, finance, fintech, realtor, execution, and so forth.
BuildBlock will emerge as the best in such a value chain. We want to work with someone who can grow with us.

Action before words,
performance before process

The biggest value that the company can give us is the fruit of success that we all created together.
It’s important to give our best, but we are looking for someone who can bring meaningful results together.


Confidence can mean a lot of things.
Did you tell the truth? Can you be responsible for actions? Can you always give your best?
We want to work with someone who can stand confidently among the team members.

Global talent

BuildBlock aspires to be the global hub for real estate investment. We are looking for people who are not afraid to go global with us.